Conservative, Jewish political pundit and cultural commentator Ben Shapiro interviews world-renowned Christian philosopher-theologian William Lane Craig. It’s a friendly exchange; Ben lines up some softball questions about natural theology which Craig readily knocks out of the park. Check it out here.

Some more highlights: they touch on the historical Jesus, however in a disappointing moment, Ben seems to hand-waive away the historical arguments because he knows he and Craig intractably disagree. Nevertheless, it was good of Ben to give Craig airtime on this topic without interruption. They also briefly touch on the cultural phenomenon that is Jordan Peterson. I wish they had allotted more time to this topic (in fact, I wish Craig and Peterson would have a one-on-one. Their exchange during the Goldstein-Craig-Peterson debate was good but a tease). Ben also allows Craig to share his personal testimony at the end which was another nice touch.

Given the target audience of Ben’s show, this is popular-level stuff, so one shouldn’t get the impression that this is super rigorous or exhaustive. But it is a wide-ranging interview of high quality, and it demonstrates how people of different religious commitments can have substantive dialogue on issues that matter in a calm and civil way without pretending that each one possesses their “own truth” — we need more of this in the public square and the world of FaceTube.